An important development direction of the injection moulding robot


With the advancement of science and technology and the […]

With the advancement of science and technology and the continuous improvement of the research and development of machinery and equipment, injection moulding robots will have a good development prospect. In the future, injection moulding robots will show the development trend of high repeatability, accurate positioning, modularization and mechatronics.

High repeatability and accurate positioning

Accuracy refers to the accuracy of the robot and the injection robot reaching the specified point. The repeatability is the measured difference displayed by the sensor each time the measured quantity changes to this position at a certain measurement point position. Repeatability is more important than precision. If a robot is not positioned accurately enough, it usually shows a fixed error. This error is predictable, so it can be corrected by programming and the error is controlled to a certain extent. With the development of microelectronics technology and modern control technology, the repeatability of injection moulding robots will become higher and higher.

Modularly assembled robots have a more flexible mounting system than combined guide drives. Each module of the modular injection manipulator has a specific sub-function that will expand the range of applications for the robot. All modules are assembled in a certain way to become a whole, and the functions required for the entire robot system are completed, which will be an important development direction of the injection moulding robot.

The control system consisting of "programmable controller-sensor-hydraulic components" is an important aspect of automation technology; the development of injection moulding robots and electronic technology combined with adaptive control of hydraulic components, hydraulic technology from "switch control" to high precision The "feedback control"; the wiring-saving composite integrated system not only reduces wiring, piping and components, but also is easy to assemble and disassemble, greatly improving the reliability of the system. Nowadays, the coil power of the injection robot solenoid valve is getting smaller and smaller, and the output power of the controller is increasing, and the possibility of directly controlling the coil by the controller is increasing.

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