Analysis and Solution of Common Problems in Injection Moulding


The injection moulding temperature standard is 260-282 […]

The injection moulding temperature standard is 260-282 ° C, and it is moulded by the lower temperature as much as possible. It is recommended to form at 260-270 ° C to prevent the material from decomposing and turning yellow. Forming as low as possible, it is recommended to mould temperature 38-60 ° C, pick up water or frozen water. Low-speed forming, pressure medium pressure, back pressure 5-10Pa, medium speed of sol, not suitable for setting high-speed high pressure, otherwise the raw material will rub against the cavity of the barrel, causing the temperature to rise sharply and lead to degradation of raw materials. The stability of the moulding parameters is the guarantee of product quality.

1. The color is yellowish.

Due to too long drying, too high moulding temperature or too large barrel of the machine, the color will be yellowish. It is recommended to use a small machine to form the injection volume to ensure that it is less than 10mm. Line temperature moulding.

2. Product surface flow pattern

The orange peel is caused by the excessive forming temperature, and it is recommended to lower the forming temperature to improve.

3. Crisp, insufficient toughness

This is the reason why the raw materials are not dried. Strengthen the drying of the raw materials to ensure that the moisture content of the raw materials before drying is within 0.03% MC.

4. The film is not smooth

Due to the high mould temperature, it is recommended to install the machine with water or frozen water, and the mould temperature is controlled at 38-60 °C.

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