Application of mould protectors in the connector industry


1. Used for moulding test When there is a moulded produ […]

1. Used for moulding test

When there is a moulded product to retain the mould, holes are formed on the movable mould side, and the holes are perceived by the mould protector and alarmed.

2. For plugin placement detection

When there is a plug in the moulding to be placed, the mould protector will automatically detect the correct number and position of the plug.

3. For thimble or insert breakage detection

Broken ejector pins or small inserts can cause damage to the mould or cause large batch defects. The mould protector can see all of this and immediately stop the mould clamping and immediately alarm.

4. Used for slider position detection

Check whether the slider returns after opening the mould, and check whether the slider is in place before clamping.

5. For underfill detection

When the underfilling occurs, the mould protector changes the shape or surface gloss of the product.

6. For the detection of raw edges

When there is a burr, the product will become larger.

7. For drop detection

After one or several ejections, there are still products that have not come off. At this time, clamping is very dangerous, especially for expensive moulds. The mould protector can show its talents and make a mould-free indication at this time to prevent accidents that damage the mould.

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