Each plastic has a specific melt temperature

Update:04 Mar 2019

It should be noted that the melt temperature is importa […]

It should be noted that the melt temperature is important and any shot cylinder temperature used is only indicative.

The temperature in the other zones then gradually increases until the nozzle is reached, and the temperature at the nozzle* tends to be slightly lower to prevent dripping. The mold is also heated and cooled. Due to the size relationship of many molds, the mold is also distinguished, but unless otherwise stated, each area should be set to the same size.

The nozzle can be measured or measured by air jet. When using the latter for measurements, care must be taken to ensure that hot melt plastics are cleaned without accidents, as hot melt plastics can burn the skin and even corrode the skin. In the injection molding workshop, burns are accidental.

Therefore, gloves and masks should be worn when handling thermoplastics or in case of hot melt plastic splashing. To ensure safety, the heat control needle should be preheated to the temperature to be measured. Each plastic has a specific melt temperature. To achieve this temperature, the actual injection cylinder adjustment value depends on the rotational speed, back pressure, shot volume and injection cycle of the screw village.