How to control color difference in injection moulding


Chromatic aberration is a common defect in injection mo […]

Chromatic aberration is a common defect in injection moulding. It is not uncommon for the injection moulding machine to be scrapped in batches due to the difference in color of the matching parts. There are many factors affecting chromatic aberration, involving raw material resin, color masterbatch (or toner), mixing of color masterbatch with raw materials, injection moulding process, injection moulding machine, mould, etc. Because of the wide range of exposure, color difference control technology is also recognized as difficult in injection moulding. Master one of the techniques. In the actual production process, we generally control the color difference from the following six aspects.

1. Eliminate the influence of injection moulding machine and mould factors

To select an injection moulding machine with the same capacity as the injection moulding product, it is best to replace the equipment if there is a problem with the dead angle of the injection moulding machine. For the mould casting system, the exhaust groove, etc., the color difference can be solved by the maintenance mould of the corresponding part of the mould. The injection moulding machine and mould problems must be solved before the production can be organized to reduce the complexity of the problem.

2. Eliminate the influence of raw resin and color masterbatch

Controlling raw materials is the key to completely solving chromatic aberrations. Therefore, especially in the production of light-colored articles, the significant influence of the difference in thermal stability of the raw material resin on the color fluctuation of the product cannot be ignored.

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