How to improve the manufacturing quality of the mould

Update:31 Aug 2018

Although mould design is carried out under the expected […]

Although mould design is carried out under the expected process conditions when selecting moulding materials and moulding equipment, people's understanding is often imperfect. Therefore, after the mould processing is completed, the mould test must be carried out to see the moulded parts. How is the quality? It is always found that after the erroneous revision is carried out.

There are many types of defects in plastic parts, and the reasons are also very complicated. There are mould reasons and process conditions, and the two tend to be together.

Before the mould is repaired, it should be carefully analyzed according to the actual situation of the defective phenomenon of the plastic parts, and the remedy method should be proposed after finding out the cause of the defects of the plastic parts. Since the moulding conditions are easily changed, it is common practice to change the moulding conditions first, and when the moulding conditions cannot be solved, the mould is considered to be repaired.

It is more prudent to repair the mould, and it is not easy to act rashly. The reason is that once the mould conditions are changed, it is impossible to make major modifications and restore the original condition.

Whether the performance of the parts is good, only in this way can improve the manufacturing quality of the mould.

After the mould has been tested, if it is not used for a while, it should be completely wiped off the mould residue, dust, oil, etc., coated with butter or other anti-rust oil or rust inhibitor, and kept in a storage place.