How to make plastic moulds have higher quality


1. The design and manufacturing cost of each set of mou […]

1. The design and manufacturing cost of each set of moulds must be summed up in time: Effectively control the scrapping of the work orders through the effective control of the workshop; through accurate mould structure design, efficient mould part processing and accurate zero The detection of accessories will effectively reduce the additional cost of the mould due to the change and maintenance, so as to obtain the actual cost of each set of moulds and effectively control the quality of the mould.

2. Develop a complete and practical mould production management system: develop a complete mould production management system, realize the computer information management system of product data management, process data management, plan management and schedule management of mould production management process. Including mould production planning, mould design, process development, shop task assignment and product inspection, warehouse management, etc., so that mould manufacturing and related auxiliary information from the planning to completion of delivery can achieve comprehensive tracking management.

3. Maintain the consistency and integrity of the mould drawing, processing technology, and physical data: ensure the consistency and integrity of the mould drawing, processing technology, and physical data through effective, meticulous, and rigorous testing methods.

4. Overall planning: organically organize and integrate the information of planning, design, processing technology, workshop production, human resources, etc. to coordinate and plan, and effectively coordinate the planning and production, which can effectively guarantee the quality of the mould and deliver on time.

5. Establish processing technology preparation: establish processing technology preparation, summarize two-color mould parts list, purchased parts list, standard parts list, self-made parts list, self-made standard parts list, material list, heat treatment parts list, easy Loss list and mould cost to ensure that relevant resources are in place. Combine production planning management and schedule management to ensure that relevant equipment can be effectively used, prevent personnel from being idle, and make all links in processing and manufacturing interlocking.

6. Establish quality inspection department: Strictly standardize inspection methods, eliminate the “almost” luck and ensure the precision of each part of the mould processing. Effectively control mould quality and effectively correlate quality to individuals based on upper and lower process records. It can enhance the design and the responsibility of the operator.

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