How to use the die casting mould correctly


Die-casting mould belongs to a process of casting liqui […]

Die-casting mould belongs to a process of casting liquid die forging and special die-casting forging machine. For die-casting, die-casting materials, die-casting machines and moulds are indispensable. In order to improve production efficiency, brand quality and high economic efficiency in the production process, and to make the die-casting mould use extended life, the use and maintenance of the die-casting mould is very important.

The correct use and maintenance of die-casting moulds:

1. Minimize the rapid cooling of the mould and try to produce it continuously. In the cold mould state, high-speed injection is strictly prohibited.

During the die-casting process, the die-casting mould has been in the reciprocating fatigue state of heat expansion and contraction. The temperature of the mould cavity part has been changing back and forth at 160-350 degrees. The mould is quenching and hot, and the heat is constantly rising and contracting, which causes mould fatigue. damage. When the production starts in the cold mould state, the mould temperature starts to rise from the low temperature, the temperature difference increases, the mould expands and shrinks, and the mould fatigue increases accordingly, which will accelerate the mould damage and shorten the mould life. Therefore, in the die casting production should be as continuous as possible, to minimize the rapid cooling of the mould, thereby extending the life of the mould.

In addition, in the cold mould state, the mould does not reach the temperature at the time of normal production, and the gap between the mould parts is relatively large. In this case, it is strictly prohibited to open the high-speed injection and pressurization. Otherwise, the gap parts of the mould, including the slider, the ejector hole, etc., are easily broken into the aluminum skin, thereby damaging the mould and affecting the life of the mould.

2. try to reduce the injection speed, try to reduce the specific pressure and reduce the impact of the mould.

In the die casting production, the injection speed not only affects the filling speed of the die casting, but also the injection gate speed, and the injection speed is high, and the impact peak value is also increased. Therefore, the injection speed is high, the injection gate speed is fast, the scouring of the mould is intensified, the impact peak is increased, the impact force of the mould is increased, and the life of the mould is greatly reduced. Therefore, when we adjust the die-casting process, we can reduce the injection speed as much as possible while ensuring the quality of the product. It is very important to improve the life of the die and improve the economic benefits of the die-casting enterprise. At present, the advanced die casting machine is equipped with a compression brake device, which is very beneficial for reducing the impact peak, reducing the impact force of the mould and improving the life of the mould.

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