Injection robots are critical for the injection moulding industry


Many traditional manufacturing areas have begun to use […]

Many traditional manufacturing areas have begun to use automated robots instead of manual operations. Taking industrial manipulators as an example, it is an important branch of automated robots. It is characterized by the ability to perform various expected tasks through programming. It has the advantages of both human and machine in terms of construction and performance, especially reflecting human intelligence and adaptation. Sex.

Injection robots are intelligent robots mainly used in the field of injection moulding. In the field of injection moulding, compared with manual operation, the injection moulding robot can enable the manufacturer to cope with the challenges of high manual loss rate, short delivery period and safety problems. The high-speed, flexible and high-load robot can not only complete the automatic production. , can improve product performance to a greater extent. This is critical for the efficiency-oriented injection moulding industry.

In addition, the use of injection moulding robots has the following advantages: saving labor costs, the production line using injection moulding robots can be fully automated, and only one very small number of people can take care of the injection moulding robot in one production line, eliminating the need to use a large amount of human resources, thereby saving Labor cost; high safety, injection moulding robot to ensure the safety of workers' work, no more workers' work accidents caused by various reasons, improve the safety of the production workshop; high production efficiency, the use of robots can make each The production time of the mould product is fixed, the same plasticizing time, injection time, dwell time, cooling time, switch mould time, easy to improve the yield of the product; prevent mould damage, in the injection moulding process, if the worker fails If the product is successfully taken out, the mould will cause damage to the mould.

If the robot fails to take out the product, it will automatically stop the machine and stop the machine to avoid damage to the mould. Improve the competitiveness. Compared with the manual factory, the injection moulding robot can enhance the image of the workshop. To ensure product quality and more Accurately calculate production, thereby enhancing the overall competitiveness of the company.

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