Make detailed forecasts for the injection moulding


With the innovation, designers can now identify potenti […]

With the innovation, designers can now identify potential weak spots virtually during the actual development phase, and avoid them even before launching the serial production phase. The new mould takes into account the complex thermomechanical material behavior, the impact of fiber orientation as well as the temperature distribution and changes in the component.

During the initial development phase, it is essential to make detailed forecasts for the finished product.Especially for high-performance plastics used in the automobile and exposed to enormous temperature variations, it is imperative to predict the potential deformations. "

Through extensive measurements directly on the material and on injection moulding test specimens, the simulation tool provides full characterization of the materials over the entire temperature range. Instead of simulating with a single temperature, it is possible to recalculate the typical thermal stress for different applications.

The influence of the orientation of the fibers in the component which determines the thermomechanical behavior is taken into account by integration of the process simulation. The simulation thus carried out is much more exhaustive since it takes into account not only the rheological and thermal properties but also the orientation of the fibers resulting from the injection moulding. This rigor makes it possible to identify the defects of the component and to avoid them from the initial phase. Experts already uses this calculation model for a large number of applications, primarily in the automotive sector.

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