• Plastic mold heat treatment problems

    Plastic mold heat treatment problems

        Die heat treatment is an important means to enhance the hardness of steel, usually after the mold is opened thick, heat treatment back and then finishing, but the process is also there is a risk, improper handling can cause cracks in steel and Scrap, then what is the reason Plastic mold steel ab... read more

    Feb 28,2018 Industry News
  • Effect of injection mold on product quality

    Effect of injection mold on product quality

    Injection processing industry, each injection mold manufacturers are consumables, injection molds, like people can be divided into adolescent, maternal, senile three states, respectively, the corresponding value is not the same. Mold the end result is the aging or aging parts affect the quality of t... read more

    Feb 05,2018 Industry News
  • Advanced teamwork training program

    Advanced teamwork training program

    Starting from Nov 09th, part of our staff went to Ningbo for a 3 days Advanced Teamwork Training Program. Each of our members barely slept during the training, every minute was fully scheduled to persuade the success of our own team. At some very points, the “myself” disappeared and “we” had became ... read more

    Dec 12,2017 Company News
  • Iran Exhibition

    Iran Exhibition

    It has been a great success of our Iran plast 2017 Exhibition. We have met some our old friends there,and we had a great conversation about the new things happened in our life,besides,we have made some new friends too.And it’s very lucky that we have get some orders on the Exhibition directly.We are... read more

    Dec 12,2017 Company News
  • Hundred-Regiment Campaign

    Hundred-Regiment Campaign

    Hundred-Regiment Campaign is a competition of more than 150 saless from 66 companies,comparing sales performance with 45 days. We sent four fighters,each soldier did his best to show their passionate, intelligence and endurance. Within 45 days, those 4 sales placed us$300000,we congratulate them and... read more

    Jul 20,2017 Company News