• The Adwantange of Auto Part Mould

    The Adwantange of Auto Part Mould

      You've come to the right place if you're looking for the best Auto Part Mould Suppliers in the industry. Kemal molding methods are used to create these automotive parts, and you can be sure of the high quality and strict standards of these parts. You'll receive a quote within one business day, and... read more

    Apr 14,2022 News
  • Buying a Chair Mould

    Buying a Chair Mould

      When designing a plastic chair, you need to consider the weight and strength of the plastic. Adding ribs to the legs, backrest, and armrest can strengthen them, while calculating the force to be applied to them. Using low MFI PP material, a light-weight chair can be strong and durable at the same ... read more

    Apr 07,2022 News
  • Creating a Plastic Stool Mould

    Creating a Plastic Stool Mould

      Plastic Stools have a lot of variations, and moulds are used for creating the different styles and colors. The main considerations in creating a plastic stool mould are: parting line, size, material, and tolerance. Toe-to-toe fit is crucial, as the parting line is what separates a stool from anoth... read more

    Mar 31,2022 News
  • How to Remove Mould From an Office Chair

    How to Remove Mould From an Office Chair

      If your office chair has been affected by mold, it's time to remove it. One way to do this is to place it in direct sunlight. This will help kill the spores and prevent them from spreading throughout the house. After the mold is removed, use a broom to sweep it off. The broom can spread mold spore... read more

    Mar 23,2022 News
  • Do You Know Bike Mould Manufacturers

    Do You Know Bike Mould Manufacturers

      To build a bicycle, a Bike Mould manufacturer must have access to the best carbon fibre material and have the experience and skill to mold the carbon fibre into a frame that will last for many years. They can also use a CNC machine to produce a frame in a shorter amount of time. This can save you ... read more

    Mar 16,2022 News