Selection of injection pressure during the moulding process


Selection of injection pressure: a. According to the sh […]

Selection of injection pressure:

a. According to the shape of the part, the thickness is selected.

b. Choose for different plastic raw materials.

c. In the case of production conditions and quality standards permitting of the parts, it is recommended to use the process conditions of temperature and pressure.

d. Adjustment of back pressure:

1. Back pressure is represented by the plastic plasticizing process pressure. There is also called plasticizing pressure.

2. The color mixing effect is affected by the back pressure, the back pressure is increased, and the mixing effect is enhanced.

3. Back pressure helps to eliminate various gases from plastic parts, reducing silver lines and bubbles.

4. Appropriate back pressure can avoid local hysteresis in the barrel, so the back pressure is often increased when the barrel is cleaned.



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