Solution to common problems of die top rod waterway


The top rod will bend, break, and so on. The quality of […]

The top rod will bend, break, and so on.
The quality of the self-made top rod is better, but the processing cost is high. Now the mould structure is generally used in standard parts, and the quality is at the normal level. If the gap top rod and the guide hole is too large, there will be leakage; but if the gap is too small, injection molding mold temperature will rise, will lead to the top bar expansion card dead, sometimes even the top rod is pushed out of a distance after the top fixed deformation, leading to the next off mode when the push rod can not be reset up directly damaged cavity.
If this problem occurs, the top rod should be regrinded again. The die structure remains 10-15 millimeter in the front end of the top bar, and the middle part is 0.2 millimeter. After the assembly of all the top members, it is necessary to strictly check the clearance of its fit, generally in 0.05-0.08 millimeter, to ensure that the entire ejector mechanism can move and retreat freely.
Bad cooling or waterway leakage
The cooling effect of the die directly affects the quality and production efficiency of the products. Such as poor cooling, shrinkage of products, uneven shrinkage and warping deformation. On the other hand, the whole or part of the mold overheated, so that the mold could not be molded normally, and the product was damaged.
The design and processing of cooling system depends on the shape of the product. Do not save the system because of the complex structure or difficult processing. Especially the large and medium-sized mold, we must give full consideration to the cooling problem.

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