The difference between injection moulding and 3D printing


For some manufacturers, they may be able to run over on […]

For some manufacturers, they may be able to run over one thousand different engineering materials through injection moulding.Whether it is glass fillers or some of the other materials that can be achieved.

Injection moulding may be more suitable than 3D printing. This is a process and method that customers can choose for their product development needs during the manufacturing process.

Some experts think that basically 3D printing is just another tool in the toolbox that allows engineers to accomplish their goals.We must fully take advantage of injection moulding and 3D printing.It depends only on what the target is. Geometry - if it's really complicated, if it's a low-value, high-value part - it's perfect for 3D printing. If not, the higher number is better for injection moulding.

Although the customer can select which manufacturing process to use, depending on the size of the part, it may sometimes be better than the other. Platform size is limited to the size of one component.

If you look at the size of a matchbox car, we can compete with injection moulding in the price range. When you start to get bigger and bigger, it starts to get that balance. It is essential to recognize that each tool has its own technical limitations. Injection moulded parts are not necessarily 3D printed, and 3D printed parts are not necessarily injection moulded, so it is important for engineers to identify differences and what tools to use to make parts.

Although 3D printing will take away some of the injection moulding market, the market will continue to grow.To be honest, this is not necessarily a critical point. This is where you are in the project development process.

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