What are the factors that cause the mould to burst


A mould is a manufacturing tool for many workpieces. In […]

A mould is a manufacturing tool for many workpieces. In the process of use, we will find that the mould will burst. How can this be caused? According to experience, Xiaobian tells you that there are nine main reasons for mould burst.

1. The mould material is not easy to be broken during subsequent processing.

2. Heat treatment: Deformation caused by improper quenching and tempering process.

3. the flatness of the mould grinding is not enough, resulting in flexural deformation.

4. the design process: the mould strength is not enough, the knife edge spacing is too close, the mould structure is unreasonable, the number of template blocks is not enough without pad pads.

5. improper line cutting: pull line cutting, the gap is not right, no clear angle.

6. the selection of punch equipment: punch tonnage, punching force is not enough, die adjustment is too deep.

7. Unsmooth material discharge: no demagnetization treatment and no material discharge tip before production; there are stuck materials such as broken needles and springs in production.

8. Falling material is not smooth: there is no leakage of shit when the mould is assembled, or blocking the shit, and blocking the shit with the feet.

9. Production consciousness: Laminate stamping, positioning is not in place, no air blower is used, and the template continues to produce with cracks.


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